Amazon Account Strategy

With Amazon account strategy, the focus is on getting the most out of an Amazon account – whether that is creating a business plan, gaining insights into the account’s performance, or improving a current model to increase sales and revenue. There will be a personalized plan that is focused on the business and goals, together with specialized account management to get the most out of the Amazon account.

Amazon Keyword Research

Before setting up a campaign, Amazon consultants conduct comprehensive keyword research for the business and the products a client is selling. This is important because campaign success can depend largely on search volume, keyword match type, and the quality and cost of keywords.

Amazon Advertising and Campaign Management

After Amazon consultants have set up the essential steps required for campaigns to run successfully, they direct their attention to Amazon advertising and campaign management. What this means is that they work on the many tasks that need to be maintained for a business to take off and perform well.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization

An important aspect of Amazon account management are product listing optimizations. There are many ways to promote a store and brand, which is why it is essential to choose the right one for each customer. Amazon consultants at Minnesota Interactive will gain an understanding of a client’s goals, business, and products to find what works best.

Amazon Reporting

After all the account settings and optimizations have been made, Amazon consultants will reach out to the client to report on the performance and overall account health. This includes the campaigns, targeting, search terms and keywords, ACOS and sales, inventory and products, creative and product listings, as well as any other changes that are important to go over with the client.