Case Study: Increase SEO Leads by 82%

B2B Client Increases SEO Leads by 82% by Working with Minnesota Interactive


Minnesota Interactive delivers internet marketing results that help businesses grow dramatically. For many B2B clients, marketing often needs to deliver quality sales leads. Several years ago, Minnesota Interactive starting working with an established B2B client that predominantly relied on paid search, with very high cost-per-lead.

Previously, the client had worked with a number of other SEO firms, but its sales had plateaued and were essentially stagnant for three years. In the meantime, its competitors grew while its own search rankings dropped.

Within 8 months, Minnesota Interactive dramatically increased the client’s organic traffic while drastically reducing cost-per-lead. In the following months, Minnesota Interactive’s efforts resulted in increasing organic leads by 82% while reducing organic bounce rate by 49% by attracting better quality leads and more qualified traffic.

For many businesses, quality sales leads are the most important results of marketing campaigns. Minnesota Interactive specializes in improving our clients’ online presence to deliver more qualified traffic and better leads. We provide the best Minneapolis search engine optimization services - and beyond. Sign up for a Free Consultation to find out what we can do for you.