Mathew Broderick is to blame. When Shawn was 10 years old he saw Wargames. It looked so cool he started working with the computer at his elementary school, and he never stopped. As he got good at one type of programming it would open a door to another. Early games and AOL access lead to HTML coding, a need at one job pushed him into learning PHP & MySQL and then a series of projects and jobs kept him learning and expanding his abilities. While experience with eCommerce, successful affiliate marketing and WordPress along with a host of other technologies have helped him become a stronger developer, the real reason he has been able to help MNI’s clients is that he is never satisfied and is always learning. Along the way he has also had several mentors, but none as photogenic as Matthew Broderick.

  • Coding (PHP, MySQL, Python, Javascript, jQuery)
  • Web development (HTML5, CSS3)
  • SEO and site speed optimization
  • Custom WordPress and Shopify templates
  • Custom web sites, applications and plugins