Before Zach had access to the internet, he was deeply involved with the Visual and Performing arts. From drawing, photography, and painting to singing, songwriting, acting, and DJing, Zach has been creating his entire life. When Zach got his first computer and the internet at age 15, it was only natural for him to add technology to his arsenal as a creative tool.

Immediately Zach sought ways to put his music and artwork on the internet through platforms like MySpace, Tumblr, Xanga, and Blogger. But it was through the stock limitations of these platforms that he began to customize them with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PhP. As these platforms grew through the years, so did Zach's skills and his desire to learn about Web Design, development, and techology.

The seemingly infinite number of hats he wears allows him to approach client problems with an objective 360 perspective. This has brought him great success as a Freelance Web Developer & Digital Designer in recent years as he has built a number of websites and brands for Twin Cities businesses. This has landed him among the ranks at MNI where he thrives in a "get-it-done" type atmosphere with his multi-faceted and like-minded colleagues.

Zach's areas of expertise:

• Full-stack Design & Development (Responsive)
• Custom WordPress Development
• UI & UX Design
• Responsive Email Design & Development
• Email Marketing & Segmentation
• Branding & Social Media
• Photography (Archtecture, Lifestyle, Culinary)